english teacher

Hello! I’m Mary and hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to meet in my
classes. I’m a graduate of English Philology and Interior Design and

What I like about teaching English is the unexpected reactions and comments
from students. You never know what students will say next, which makes it
an exciting and rewarding job.

In my spare time I like reading, riding a bike, designing and discovering
new places around the world.


english teacher

If I were to describe myself using just three words, I would list: dedication, energy and passion. Whatever I do, I do it wholeheartedly.
Being a keen learner of English and Italian and a reader of research papers on linguistics and methodology I share that love with my students.
Planning lessons, inventing games, thinking of ways to explain and practice new material is a great source of joy to me. Seeing my groups' progress brings me a lot of genuine satisfaction. If time allows, together with my family I get into the car and we make either short or long-distance journeys into the unknown. We come back with both wonderful memories and hunger for more. In the afternoon, after work, I turn into a gardener: water my flowers, mow the lawn, trim the bushes, pick up the fruit and plan what to plant next year. I have truly green fingers. And sharing my house not only with my family but also with a couple of guinea pigs, two dogs and their puppies, a rabbit, sheep and a flock of parrots I become a specialist of animal languages....


english teacher


english and italian teacher

Ciao! My name is Luca and I teach Italian, my first language, and English.
I love having conversations with people who think in another language, because I've always found differences and similarities extremely fascinating and I enjoy looking into common roots of words. When I am not teaching, you can probably find me somewhere in the forest, where I do research on wildlife, or busy around the house because ``_Remont nie ma końca!_``.


spanish teacher


english teacher

Hello! I’m Iza. I am graduate of English Philology with specialization of business. However, I also like teaching this language. I’m interested especially in fashion, cars and travelling. In my free time I like driving ahead and explore new places. That makes me feel independent.


english teacher

Hi, my name is Kasia! If you’ll ever see a teacher in a hat in our school there’s 99% of a chance it’s me. Make sure to come and say hello!
My greatest passion is learning new languages. For now, I know English ans Spanish and love them both equally. I’ve recently started working on German. I believe that knowing a language opens up so many doors. You can read books, listen to music and watch movies, all in original version. It makes it so much easier to get to know new people and cultures. That’s why I decided to start teaching - to make it possible for others too!



Mam na imię Sylwia i pracuje w Biurze Obsługi Klienta Akademii English Club. Jestem osobą cierpliwą optymistyczną i systematyczną.
Bardzo lubię swoją prace, gdyż pozwala mi ona na kontakt z ludźmi. Cenie sobie również kontakt z lektorami, bo zawsze mogę nauczyć się od nich czegoś nowego. W wolnej chwili lubię czytać i podróżować.